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Emerald Heights HOA Board President Steven Palmer

Steven Palmer

I come from a working-class family in Utah, where my dad was a welder. In the early 80’s, when home computers were brand new, I got my hands on one at the age of 14 and taught myself how to code. I had a determination to be independent and so at 17 years old, I moved out on my own. Often, I had to work two jobs, and I sure couldn’t afford to go to college. I continued to teach myself more and more about coding and eventually broke into the industry by the early 90’s. Having worked as a software engineer for more than 25 years, I made the decision to move into management, so now I manage a team of software engineers. My wife and I moved to Emerald Heights with our two kids, in the summer of 2014. After living here for a few years, I decided that I wanted to donate some of my time back to the community. I had no agenda when I started with the board, I just wanted to help. I served three years as Vice President, helping to navigate us through Covid, and leading several projects for the community. Now I am happy to serve the Emerald Heights community as President.

Emerald Heights HOA Board Vice President Brian Friesen
Vice President

Brian Friesen

I was born and raised in beautiful Glendale, Arizona where I played high school football, baseball and wrestled at Cactus High School (Go Cobras 😊). Then I went to NAU for college where I tried out for football but got cut (deservedly) so I played rugby and got my Bachelor or Science degree after only 8 years, just kidding. Then I moved around the country and ended up in San Diego in 2004 then I met my beautiful wife Rebecca and now have two adorable kids (Weston’s 4 and Stella’s 6). We’ve lived in Emerald Height for a decade now and I’ve been on the board for almost three years. My current role is Vice President and I’m very proud of what our team has accomplished for the community so far. Please explore the website for some of the completed projects over the last three years, and the website itself is hopefully a great tool that was just built that can benefit all of us in many ways. We really do have the best community in Southern California! Thank you for being such great neighbors!! 😊

Emerald Heights HOA Board Treasurer Travis Gregory

Travis Gregory

Travis Gregory is the current Treasurer for Emerald Heights with a focus on maintaining property values while advocating for future revenue opportunities to help us maintain low HOA fees. He has previously served on both the budget and procurement committees.
Travis is a business owner who also works as a Human Resources executive and labor negotiator. He earned a Master’s degree from Northern Arizona University following an honorable discharge from the U.S. Marine Corps. Originally a Midwesterner, Travis has lived with his family in Emerald Heights for over 8 years and enjoys the natural beauty, amenities, and the safeguards that come with our unique community.

Emerald Heights HOA Board Secretary Michelle Warn

Michelle Warn

I lived in San Diego North County for much of my life. Careerwise, I began at Apple Computer, brushing elbows with Steve Jobs and living overseas in Hong Kong and Japan. Later, working at San Diego State University, I directed an organization that put some of the first college degrees online in the world. I am now retired but still serve as a professor, working with incredible students who are out to change the world.

I have lived in Emerald Heights for over 30 years, raising a family and loving life in EH. Before that, I lived in the Escondido Country Club, occasionally hiking the hill that is now Emerald Heights Woodland Parkway. There is no better community to be a part of, and I am honored to have served my neighbors as a Landscape Committee Chair and now Board Member. I look forward to maintaining our incredible community’s high standards, beauty, and fun.

Emerald Heights HOA Board Member at Large Don Leblanc
Member at Large

Don LeBlanc

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If you are a resident of Emerald Heights and have suggestions or recommendations please reach out to the board directly, we love to hear them.

You can also come in and say hi to Tesla and Maria, or just shoot them a quick email with recommendations.