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President’s Message: January, 2023

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Dear EH Residents,

There is an important change coming that you should be aware of. On February 8th 2023, a special meeting of the board of directors was held, where we decided to cancel our Eagles Point Security contract, and hire Securitas as our new vendor for on-site guards.

I want to explain a little bit about what led us to this decision. Last year we put out an RFP(request for proposal) and began soliciting bids for a security solution for our community. We received 7 bidders and two of them rose to the top, Securitas and Eagles Point. At the time, our number one pick was Securitas, but we felt that they were a bit too expensive, so we decided to give Eagles Point a shot. It has been 7 months now with Eagles Point and unfortunately, they have not lived up to our expectations. I won’t go into all the issues we have had, but I will say to Eagles Point’s credit, they are very receptive to feedback, and they have tried to fix the issues, however the board felt that we have given Eagles Point enough time at this point and now it’s time to make this change.

Securitas will be taking over in two weeks, on March 16th. Already, our management has noticed a huge difference in the level of professionalism coming from Securitas, so we have a lot of confidence this was the right choice. The expectation when you pay more for something, is that you are going to get a better product, and I think that will be the case here.

Lastly, the new call box is in and operational, and I hope everyone saw the instructions from management to verify your phone number associated with dwellingLive, so that a guest can call you from the call box, when the guard is away. If you would like to verify the number or name listed on the directory or would like to update telephone entry system settings, please do not hesitate to email the office for assistance. We are also going to be installing a dwellingLive scanner next to the call box, so that you can send a text or email to your guests, through dwellingLive, and your guest can use the scanner to get in. Management will send out some specific instructions when that scanner is installed.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to management.

Steve Palmer
EH President